Double Knock Out

HungerFF yearned for a day he didn't walk outside his front door and catch sexual urges the minute he saw another attractive man. Well today isn't that day! HungerFF goes to pick up his mail and is greeted by new neighbors Atlas Grant and Hunter Scott who moved in across the street. His mind raced at the shear thought of those two giant cocks wrecking his hungry hole. He literally fainted in his yard. While he was out cold in fantasy land, Hunger awoke in his dungeon clad in leather with the two studs from before. He gets to his knees and starts servicing their cocks sucking them down and slurping away. But it's his ass that needs to be filled, so he got on all 4s and took both big dicks opening up his fuzzy ass. Then it was time to get in the sling and boy was that a lot of fun. Hunger laid back and took more of those big dicks pounding away at his ass. His hole was gaping and getting so slick with precum and lube that he was almost ready to get fisted. But today, was not that day. Atlas took Hunter's cock while Atlas railed into Hunger's. It led to one of the messiest cum shots in MonsterCub history. Too bad fantasies don't become reality!

Categories: Athletic Bareback Big Dick Breeding Cubs Fisting Groups Jockstraps Leather
Details: Sep 24, 2021 28 min
Photo of Atlas Grant
Atlas Grant
Photo of HungerFF
Photo of Hunter Scott
Hunter Scott

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