Honey! I'm Homo!

Daddy Mitch Roberts and I had talked a long time about each bringing over a hot bottom to fuck silly. He invited me over one Sunday afternoon and I brought my buddy Ray DeLuca with me. He had Alejandro Skyman over ahead of time. They had been fucking around a bit before we got there. Once we got comfortable, Alejandro and Ray started sucking and licking my cock. Mitch joins us and promptly eats Alejandro's ass. He mounts that daddy ass with his nice big daddy meat and picks up with Alejandro where he left off. I had to break in to Ray's hole before he could take a pounding. I opened up his cubby ass until he started begging for the dick. There we were, I was fucking Ray on his back while Mitch was harpooning Alejandro with his cock. Once I had Ray stretched out to my liking, I decided to switch with Mitch and fuck Alejandro's dad ass. I got to go full bore and really pound the fuck out of him. Mitch was railing Ray's cute little ass, balls slapping his taint with each stroke. Alejandro shoots his load while I'm dicking him down and I follow up and breed him soon after. Mitch cums all over Ray and Alejandro's faces, and Ray gets some sweet daddy time with Mitch where he manages to pop off a nut too

Categories: Bareback Big Dick Breeding Cubs Facial Groups Latin
Details: Aug 2, 2019 17 min
Photo of Alejandro Skyman
Alejandro Skyman
Photo of Hunter Scott
Hunter Scott
Photo of Mitch Roberts
Mitch Roberts
Photo of Ray DeLuca
Ray DeLuca

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