Dream Cum True: Hunter flips with Colby Jansen

It has been a fantasy of mine for years to meet Colby Jansen. He is such an inspiration to me and every scene I've seen him do, makes it 1000x better. When I started talking to friends of mine who lived in Vegas, they told me where his new house was. I decided to check it out one afternoon while I was visiting back in the winter. He lives in a fucking MANSION. I wasn't sure if he was home or not, but his front door was unlocked. So I just had to see if it was his house. I walked inside and looked for his bedroom. I figured if I could take a picture or grab a piece of his underwear it would just complete my fantasy. This was definitely his house because of all the Buffalo Bills memorabilia and Marvel stuff. It was cozy, and I swore I saw his dog Pawlie asleep in the living room. When I found his room, I discovered this huge pile of his jockstraps in the laundry basket. I dumped them out on his bed and stripped down to roll around in them and jerk off. Little did I know, Colby was showering and caught me in this extremely compromising position. I tried to play it off like a crazed fan, but I was so starstruck I stumbled with my words. He stopped me from leaving and told me to stay, dropping his towel and signaling me to suck on his big beautiful daddy dick. We suck and rim each other a good bit. His ass tastes amazing by the way. He kisses me deep and asked me if I wanted to get fucked. How could I say no? This was a DREAM CUM TRUE. So he lubed me up and bent me over. He slid his big greased up cock deep into my beefy ass. It hurt at first, but goddamn did it feel good after. Considering he's a superstar, this guy KNOWS how to top. I eventually flipped him over and gave him some of my dick too. His eyes bulged out with every thrust. Everything just felt so natural and fun. I hope he and I get to film again in the future, because he was sweet, fun, and very creative when it comes to his sexuality, which I LOVE.

Categories: Bareback Big Dick Breeding Cubs Jockstraps
Details: May 11, 2018 20 min
Photo of Colby Jansen
Colby Jansen
Photo of Hunter Scott
Hunter Scott

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