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Colby Jansen
HEIGHT:6′ 01″
WEIGHT:245 lbs
DICK SIZE:7.00 in.
What could I say about such an amazing guy that hasn't already been said before? Colby is my ultimate porn star crush. When I started doing porn I looked to him for inspiration. He is proud, unapologetic, and a very nice guy. He is also intelligent, gorgeous, and an absolute sweet heart. When he and I started talking about filming together, I wasn't sure where it would go. But as time went on, I realized he was definitely in it to win it. He's a very outgoing guy and he's got a lot going on. I was always concerned that given his personal life, he may not be into big guys like me. But it was such a relief to find out that he was into me, and that he has a very WIDE spectrum when it comes to the types of people he likes to play with. He invited me into his home and made me feel wanted and that is so important when you work together. He has got a beautiful body and an amazing dick and ass. I'm honestly not sure which part of him I like more. I certainly feel like I've found a guy who I can call on for professional advise, but also just a bro that can shoot the shit with me about anything. His mantra of "Just Keep Fucking" echoes in my mind every time I feel stressed out either filming or otherwise. He's incredibly fun to work with and going into the shoot, I'm not sure why I fanboyed out so damn much. To him, "We are just two dudes, doing dude stuff" and I couldn't be more happy with that conclusion. We have talked about doing a more elaborate fantasy scene or a hot dungeon scene in the future, but for now he will always have a special place in my heart as the first guy to ever fuck me, and FUCK ME WELL, on camera. And I loved every minute of it.
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Dream Cum True: Hunter flips with Colby Jansen