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HEIGHT:6′ 01″
WEIGHT:180 lbs
DICK SIZE:7.00 in.
HungerFF aka RJ Danvers has been a porn start crush of mine since I first came out. I always saw him with a very playful nature and a good heart. It certainly helped that he was furry, muscular, and had a very talented ass. We met on Twitter and it turned out that he and his fiance' Julian Torres were both interested in doing something with a big bear like me. It was a pleasure to work with both of them. They are so polite, enthusiastic, and just nice that it seemed pretty refreshing in this industry. HFF is kinky and loves to get fucked and fisted. I have never fisted anyone past my last row of knuckles until I met HFF.
HungerFF appears in this scene
A Bear Affair: Knuckle Sandwich