Mind Fuck

On this very special episode of MonsterCub, Dr Scott psychoanalyzes Sunny Hernandez about his oral fixation and rampant horniness. Dr. Scott decides to start him on confronting his fixation by retelling the story the last time it happened. As soon as Sunny starts getting to the good stuff, he's got his cock out as if it were involuntary and automatic. So Dr. Scott decides they can rush right into inversion therapy, whereby the patient is fed the desires of his oral fixation until they lose interest in it all together. And just like that Dr Scott fucks the post nut clarity out of Sunny, hopeful that he can rejoin society and stop cruising parks every day.

Categories: Bareback Big Dick Breeding Chaser Cubs Latin
Details: Mar 8, 2024 31 min
Photo of Hunter Scott
Hunter Scott
Photo of Sunny Hernandez
Sunny Hernandez

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