Adult Swim: Pool Boy Bussy

This summer season, it's time to cool off with friends at the pool. And as busy as I am, I needed a new pool boy to get things ready for my friends and I. Jamie Thiq is my most recent pool boy, eager to please, but doesn't quite know how to go the extra mile to get it done. My buddy, the Beef Bearrito, was visiting for MEGAWOOF in Fort Lauderdale and I suggested we cool off and relax before we had to dance that night. Jamie was taking his sweet time cleaning the pool and I told him to take 5 so Beefy and I could make the beast with the two backs. But on second thought, I figured as long as this boy is interviewing for the position, I should give his holes a could pounding. Beefy and I used this boy up. We pounded and loaded him up. He even gave us a bit of a pop. That Pool Boy Bussy needs to be on point this summer.

Categories: Bareback Big Dick Breeding Cubs Latin Outdoor
Details: Jul 1, 2022 22 min
Photo of Beef Bearrito
Beef Bearrito
Photo of Hunter Scott
Hunter Scott
Photo of Jamie Thiq
Jamie Thiq

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