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HEIGHT:5′ 10″
WEIGHT:240 lbs
DICK SIZE:6.00 in.
I have been talking to Emello for a couple years now. We started chatting on Twitter and Instagram. He finally made the effort to come to Fort Lauderdale for vacation and I definitely wanted to meet. Despite how sexy he is, Emello is actually very self conscious about his body. He is super nice and easy to work with. His body is beefy and bouncy and I loved every inch of him. The hardest thing to do was getting him to smile, again he doesn't think he looks good when he smiles. So generally I try to get a guy to laugh to catch him off guard and get that smile. More than anything I love Emello's big juicy ass and lips, he certain is a power bottom.
Emello appears in this scene
L'ourson et le cochon