Moms Boyfriend is a Pig

Steve started dating my mom a year ago. While I don't visit home that often, he is around most of the time when I visit my mom. On my last trip back I invited Billy Warren over to get some of this bear dick. I remember making out with him and starting to suck his dick when Steve barged into the room. He started yelling how disrespectful it was to my mom that I have sex in their bed(even though it was my bed for that trip). Despite the berrating, Billy was into Steve, and strangely enough, Steve wanted to introduce himself to Billy. So rather than aggravate the argument, I tried to fuck with Steve and it back fired. I asked Billy if he should join us, and they both were into it. So Steve stripped out of his preppy clothes from work and started sucking our cocks. Billy was craving all the daddy dick in the room but he wanted to fuck Steve first and see how "straight" he was. He groaned but he took Billy's dick with a passion. His daddy hole was being stretched, but this obviously wasn't his first time. He got Billy on all fours to return the favor and I pounded him out too. I managed to fuck Steve from behind while Steve was fucking Billy. Flipping, fucking, sucking, rimming each other. We ended up in a triple stack fuck toward the end and it was a crazy position to be in. This scene is inspired by times when I hooked up with guys at my mom's while she was at work. SPECIAL BONUS at the end for those who can't get enough!

Categories: Bareback Big Dick Breeding Chaser Cubs
Details: Apr 26, 2019 33 min
Photo of Billy Warren
Billy Warren
Photo of Hunter Scott
Hunter Scott
Photo of Rhino
Photo of Steve Sommers
Steve Sommers

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