Family Discount

Steve Sommers just moved to the area. As such, he has been doing a few renovations at his new house. Fort Lauderdale has no short supply of gay handy men and contractors. He manages to contact Jack Dixon to come over and look at his bedroom window that has started to rot along the edges. Jack comes by to give Steve an estimate. While he measures up the window, Steve tries to size up the size of Jack's cock from the bulge in his khakis. After delivering the quote to Steve, Jack was caught by surprise. Steve starts asking him about family discount. Meaning he knew Jack was gay, and wanted to see if he would help a fellow bear out. So Steve reaches in and gets a handful of Jack's cock. Steve gets down on his knees and pops Jack's giant cock into his furry mouth. Steve is overwhelmed with how much meat is being shoved down his throat and starts choking. Jack gives him a little break and decides to bend him over the night stand and eat Steve's furry butt. Jack is rubbing his beard deep into Steve's hole as he tongue fucks him. He turns Steve back around and hoovers down his daddy dick with a hunger. Steve is moaning in delight as Jack inhales his cock. Jack pops up off the floor and bends Steve over the bed. He starts slapping and rubbing his big fat dick all over Steve's ass as he lubes up to dive in. He starts to pierce Steve's ass with his cock and Steve's face freezes in a wide mouthed, closed eye moan that lasted for at least 10 seconds. He really jack hammered the shit out of Steve. He wrecked his fucking guts in the best way possible. Steve starts leaking precum and rolls over onto his back to keep being railed by that giant dick. Steve can't hold back the moans of pleasure as Jack rearranges his insides. Apparently Jack Dixon was pretty handy with his big tool.

Categories: Bareback Big Dick Muscular Otter
Details: Nov 9, 2018 23 min
Photo of Jack Dixon
Jack Dixon
Photo of Steve Sommers
Steve Sommers

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