Under The Gayzebo Part 2

Another day in the sun over at the Gayzebo. Luis Vega struts out to the pool to catch up on his tan. He looks around to see if anyone can see him, and he decides to peel off his already tiny speedo. He starts rubbing his cock in the sun when Hunter Scott shows up to play. They make out and play for a bit before the feisty Macho Grant shows up to join them. Luis and Macho take turns slurping and sucking on Hunter's cock. Hunter mounts Luis's ass and drills him deep on the pool chair. They all eventually move over to the gazebo and Macho takes a round of Luis and Hunter's big fat dicks. It's easy to have fun in the sun with hot cubs like these.

Categories: Bareback Big Dick Breeding Cubs Latin Outdoor
Details: Apr 23, 2021 34 min
Photo of Hunter Scott
Hunter Scott
Photo of Luis Vega
Luis Vega
Photo of Macho Grant
Macho Grant

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