Today's the Day

There's a certain part of my fans that love seeing me do things I don't usually do. And boy is today the exception! I managed to meet up with Brad Kalvo again after meeting in late 2019. He and his man were coming to visit from Los Angelos. I wasn't sure what kind of scene I wanted to put together for a guy that's done so many different ideas already. But he made it easy by asking me to keep it simple. When we played together last time, there was a lot of anticipation as to whether which one of us would bottom for the other. We are both known in this industry for being dominant tops and I myself wasn't even sure what we should do. I'm sure there were plenty of boys that we could have tag teamed and pounded out together, and that may be the case next time we get together. However Today is the DAY. Today is the day I get fucked. That I play the role of bottom without topping. I felt comfortable enough with Brad to be his boy for the day. I wanted him to fuck me up and breed my ass. He was certainly all about it. So when we got together it was hard to be professional when all I wanted to do was get he and his partner's cocks in my mouth and hole. But after we took some fun pictures, Brad and I start making out and tugging on each other. It's not long before I'm sitting on the bed and sucking Brad's daddy dick until I can taste his precum in my mouth. He returns the favor by hoovering my fat dick with little to no difficulty. I had forgotten how well Brad sucked cock. I had also forgotten that he loves to eat a nice beefy ass. Last time we got together I ate his ass in the kitchen and boy did it taste like dad meat. But this time he was spitting, probing, and tongue fucking me until I was squirming and cursing into the sheets. His skills made my hole so hungry. So dad lubed me up on all fours and slid his big chubby daddy dick slowly up my fucking ass. At first it seemed hard, to submit. It was a little tough to just relax and let dad take control. Once he got in me deep and I could breathe, I put my head into the mattress and proceeded to take a nice steady drilling from what of my hottest porn fantasies. Brad is gentle at first ramping up to a nice speed to travel through pound town. At one point I realized I was just daddy's fuck hole to be used and molded into the the ideal bottom to take daddy dick. I'm not a pro bottom so I didn't quite take it as well as I hoped, but I think it was a pretty awesome start. For all you "Passive Hunter" stans, this new scene is for you.

Categories: Bareback Big Dick Cubs
Details: Aug 27, 2021 15 min
Photo of Brad Kalvo
Brad Kalvo
Photo of Hunter Scott
Hunter Scott

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