groReindeer Gaymes

Machy the elf is working overtime for Christmas this year. Overworked and under fucked, Machy passes out finishing up his toy order for the night. When he awakens, he is surrounded by 4 reindeer studs with raging hard cocks. Machy is in heaven as he licks each and every dick in his face. It isn't enough just to suck on some hot reindeer balls, but he wants their nut too. One by one, each reindeer unloads into Machy's beard giving him a true White Christmas. See how many loads he catches in his awesome beard in this Holiday special from MonsterCub.

Categories: Big Dick Cubs Facial Groups Muscular Oral
Details: Dec 25, 2015 21 min
Photo of Damien Matteo
Damien Matteo
Photo of Hunter Scott
Hunter Scott
Photo of Lanz Adams
Lanz Adams
Photo of Machael Johnson
Machael Johnson
Photo of ZJ Woods
ZJ Woods

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