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Ronan Delaney
HEIGHT:6′ 01″
WEIGHT:240 lbs
DICK SIZE:7.00 in.
Ronan and I met years ago from Instagram of all places. What I saw was a beautiful furry man that liked to play outside in woods and the sunshine. Someone very in touch with his spirit and nature. A bit of a flower child. Ronan comes from Alabama, so his accent is thicker than cold corn syrup. He's always smiling and joking. Just the purest form of optimism even when he says he's angry.. He's definitely a big flirt too. When I went to pick him up from the airport, he found the hottest guy at baggage claim, introduced himself, found out he was a gay DJ, and convinced him to make out and take a selfie with him, all before I even picked him up.
Ronan Delaney appears in these scenes
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