Cum to Daddy

My buddy Luis was visiting town and I told him that it would be really hot to see him take a big hard daddy dick. Wouldn't you know, that Steve Sommers has been working from home these days and was more than happy to invite us over for a little father son bonding time :). Steve starts cranking his dad dick before we even get through the front door. He heard us come in, and hollers for us to head to the back bedroom. We decided to put on a show for him. And once he was leaking cum, Luis sucked on his dick and Steve slobbered on me. I moved Luis to the side of the bed and devoured his culo. I had waited way too long to fuck this boy. So I plunged my fat hog deep inside Luis's ass and he let out his trademark whimper of dick drunkenness that is one of a kind. Steve jumped in after I had opened Luis up to rapid fire cock. Daddy took control, mounted that boy's ass, and pumped him full of dad dick until Luis bit the sheets. In fact, we both fuck this Latin cubby so hard, his ass is overflowing with a bucket of bear juice.

Categories: Bareback Big Dick Breeding Cubs Latin Otter
Details: May 19, 2023 31 min
Photo of Hunter Scott
Hunter Scott
Photo of Luis Vega
Luis Vega
Photo of Steve Sommers
Steve Sommers

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