Prideful: Wake N Bake

On this 4/20 special, Hunter teaches you how to roll a Earth day delight. He shares it with his good buddy Caleb Hill, who's visiting from Dallas, TX. After we get a good buzz from this doob, I can't help but have Caleb choke on my cock. I know I'm wearing a crown from Party City, but dammit this was a special day! Caleb is definitely one of the top 5 cock suckers I've ever been slobbered on. And I in turn sucked on his cock until he was moaning and squirming. He was stoned and looking to be boned though so I bent him over my couch and blew some smoke up his ass. Nothing like a smokey put my dick in. Caleb took it hard, rough, and didn't complain one bit. And I give him not one, but two big loads. One in his face the other all over his hole.

Categories: Bareback Big Dick Breeding Cubs Facial
Details: Apr 22, 2022 18 min
Photo of Bears Venture
Bears Venture
Photo of Hunter Scott
Hunter Scott

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