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Bennett Anthony
HEIGHT:5′ 08″
WEIGHT:173 lbs
DICK SIZE:7.00 in.
I have been a fan of Bennett since I started seeing him in more mainstream stuff. I actually hit him up on Twitter after a certain site featured him in a "Bear Weekend" series of scenes along with Colby Jansen and a few others. I tweeted at him that if he was into bears that we should link up sometime. He replied and said, "Sometime soon." Well back in December when I was visiting my family in South Carolina, I was down because all the guys I had on my roster to film during that trip were flaking out left and right. So I got on Scruff and started chatting with other locals to survey who might be interested. A furry 40 yo headless torso messaged me and said, "Hey, my buddy Bennett is here with me, and he would love a chance to work with you." I was like "Okay, have him message me or give me his screen name." Within in a minute, I received a shocking revelation. This "Bennett" was THE BENNETT ANTHONY. I thought I was being catfished initially, but since I didn't have any other guys lined up at that moment I figured what the hell. So Bennett and I started talking and we agreed on a fee and when to meet the next morning. I was excited but also nervous because I couldn't believe a model that I had seen primarily in NYC and LA was in my home state, near my home town. It was just a crazy coincidence. It turned out his mom lived near Myrtle Beach, SC and he had a client across the lake from me in Irmo, SC. We met up the next morning and I was pleasantly surprised that he was not only really nice, but really into ME. He confessed that he had a weakness for bears and big guys, but that the models he had been paired with in the past were primarily slim and jockish. After the shoot was finished I was pretty sure I made a new friend and someone from my home state at that. He is a pleasure to work with and the guy is a fucking machine when it comes to sex. He can do it all and keep a big smile on his face when he does. We managed to film something else recently, and I can't wait to show you guys that scene too.
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