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Rusty Taylor
HEIGHT:5′ 11″
WEIGHT:215 lbs
DICK SIZE:7.50 in.
Rusty and I met on Scruff. He was in town for work and I found one thing in his profile that caught my attention, our love for our dogs. He said he'd rather see pictures of my dog instead of my cock, at least right away. I couldn't help but salivate at the idea of eating his plump southern bubba biscuit. That Asheville ass sure would get him a lot of business down here. He was quite smitten by my wholesome approach and agree to come over and see if he could take my dick. AND HE DID! Quite well actually! He was even meatier in person and all over too. He was not shy one bit about getting this fat dick up his ass. Provided of course, he could return the favor. With that contagious smile, how could I not want to flipflop with him?
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