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Matty Bear
HEIGHT:6′ 03″
WEIGHT:250 lbs
DICK SIZE:6.50 in.
Matty and I met years ago through my partner. A couple of our friends, my partner, and I all went over to Matty's grandpa's condo in Key Biscayne to have lunch and go swimming. Matty loves playing Super Smash, so we all had planned to play after we ate and swam. While we were getting changed in the bathroom, Matty started to play with my cock and suck me off in front of everyone. I didn't know if this was going to lead into a gang bang, but sadly not the vibe everyone was feeling. Months later, I went back to visit Matty again and thoroughly fucked his throat and fucked him and bit. He can't take big cock for too long, but he's a trooper for trying. Ever since then I've wanted to see exactly how much cock he can take without tapping out.
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