Nash Cooper was on his way from Tennessee to Columbia, SC to visit family. His car broke down on the back roads of the Midlands and left him stranded. Luckily Codey Knox came by in his pickup to save the day. Nash gets a ride, but passes out from exhaustion and wakes up in a pig pen. Surrounded by fuck hungry rednecks, Nash sucks and fucks every cock around him to satiate their appetites. After these good ol' boys load up Nash's pig hole, Nash keeps working his hole until his pops off too. Happy Halloween!

Categories: Bareback BDSM Big Dick Breeding Cubs Groups Latin Outdoor
Details: Oct 13, 2017 36 min
Photo of Clyde (NerdyCub) Davis
Clyde (NerdyCub) Davis
Photo of Codey Knox
Codey Knox
Photo of Emmet Marx
Emmet Marx
Photo of Hunter Scott
Hunter Scott
Photo of Mathius Ezben
Mathius Ezben
Photo of Nash Cooper
Nash Cooper

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