Top Swap: Round 1

In this monumental scene, a first from Texas Bear Round Up 2022. I have gathered 3 of my best bottoms and 9 of my most talented tops to engage in what will now be known as the TOP SWAP. The game is played with 3 or 4 bottoms and 9 to 16 tops. The bottoms for today's challenge are Dean Gauge, Luis Vega, and Tommy Callahan. Each will arrive and choose a colored blindfold of their choice to keep their team of tops a surprise. The tops will come in first come first serve and choose the color of the bottom they want to load up for the time being. Each of the tops assigned to each of the 3 or 4 bottoms are to be deemed interchangeable. This is meant to be a test of teamwork, endurance, and flexibility. Once each top has had a sufficient time riding down their bottoms an intermission will be called for today's episode...round 2 coming 9/9

Categories: Athletic Bareback Big Dick Breeding Chaser Cubs Groups Latin Muscular Otter
Details: Aug 12, 2022 39 min
Photo of Austin Bleu
Austin Bleu
Photo of Big Daddy J
Big Daddy J
Photo of Brooklyn Bear
Brooklyn Bear
Photo of Dean Gauge
Dean Gauge
Photo of Devin Doss
Devin Doss
Photo of Hunter Scott
Hunter Scott
Photo of Luis Vega
Luis Vega
Photo of Orson Pigfarmer
Orson Pigfarmer
Photo of Otto Samson
Otto Samson
Photo of Sherman Maus
Sherman Maus
Photo of Silver Steele
Silver Steele
Photo of Tommy Callahan
Tommy Callahan
Photo of Wolfe Pup
Wolfe Pup

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