Now or Never

Austin and I have known eachother since highschool. And he came out to me when we turned 21 years old. When he first came out to me he picked me up from my mom's house and took me to this vacant overgrown lot near my neighborhood. As soon as he put that truck in park, he dove on my dick. I was so surprised at how hungry and thirsty Austin was. If I had only let him suck my cock when we were younger. But here we were, 14 years later, and he's down in Fort Lauderdale, being the slut I know and love. And is his last day before he heads back to Texas. So he invites me over for some beers and can't seem to resist putting his hands all over me. I was a little flustered by his advances, and I tried to leave half way through my beer. But he stopped me at the gate and convinced me to stay. He's changed since we were kids. He eats and fucks ass now. I too have grown a bit, and decided it was now or never if we were ever going to flipflop.

Categories: Bareback Big Dick Cubs Outdoor
Details: Sep 22, 2023 28 min
Photo of Austin Bleu
Austin Bleu
Photo of Hunter Scott
Hunter Scott

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