Rough, Wet & Woofy 2

I find myself in a ridiculously hot situation with the furry, hung, and hunky Alex Tikas and Julian Torres. This is the first time I've had them over to the Bear Mansion. They are both super busy guys, and I knew if they could have a chance to take a break and chill at my house, it might be just what they needed. But with guys like these, I didn't want to waste anytime. So rather than welcome them to my house and give them the tour, I figured I would just swim naked and jerk off on my float until they showed up casually late. Sure enough, they arrived and as soon as they saw me wanking in the water, it was clear they had similar intentions. They flung off their speedos so fast you figured they were on fire. They waded into the pool and sucked me on my pool float. I returned the favor on the steps of the pool slurping down on two big all uncut cocks. There's something to be said about sucking two big furry uncut daddy dicks at the same time, it's a challenge. You know what's easier? Taking two big uncut daddy dicks in my ass instead! Alex and I have a go at drilling Julian at the top of the steps. But Alex and I decide to try out a Lucky Pierre, with me in the middle. I admit I wasn't prepared to be stretched quite like this, but now I'm interested to see what these two are like at 100mph. After Alex stretched me open, Julian didn't hesitate to jump in and bend me over as soon as Alex pulled out. It's been a while since two hung guys took turns on me. And for my 35th birthday, I wanted to share it all with you.

Categories: Athletic Bareback Big Dick Breeding Cubs Latin Muscular Outdoor
Details: Dec 29, 2023 26 min
Photo of Alex Tikas
Alex Tikas
Photo of Hunter Scott
Hunter Scott
Photo of Julian Torres
Julian Torres

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